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Cleaning your roof may not be the top priority on your todo list this summer, but after reading this blog, it just might make the top three. If roofs aren’t routinely cleaned, they can fall victim to bacteria that not only decreases your home’s curb appeal, but can even cause an increase in your energy bills!

At Poseidon Power Washing, we utilize a soft washing technique to clean your roof, remove bacteria, and help to extend the life of your shingles. And because our washing technique does not rely on high-pressure water, we can do this while minimizing the risk of damaging your roof. Reach out to Poseidon Power Washing today to learn more about how you can benefit from our roof washing services.

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Removes and Prevents Build-Up of Gloeocapsa Magma

Have you ever seen a home in Tyler with black streaks across it? Chances are those black streaks are caused by a bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. This bacteria can eat away at your shingles, cause a spike in your energy bills, and is often accompanied by other roof-damaging organisms such as algae and lichens.

Roof cleaning services like those from Poseidon Power Washing can safely remove Gloeocapsa Magma and other bacteria, fungus, and algae.

Increases Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Investing in routine roof cleaning can help to increase your home’s curb appeal. This is especially important if you plan on putting your house on the market any time soon. Few prospective homeowners want to make an offer on a home that looks like it could use a new roof. Presenting your home with a clean roof can not only increase it’s curb appeal and perceived value, but also shows that you care about the state and condition of your home.

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Helps Keep Energy Bills Down

If you are experiencing the black streaks caused by Gloecapsa Magma, your roof may not be the only thing affected. The black on your roof can also attract more heat, making your air conditioning run on overtime to cool your home. The longer the bacteria is allowed to grow on your roof, the more surface area it will cover, and the darker your roof will become. Removing these black streaks with the roof cleaning services from Poseidon Power Washing may help you save money on your monthly energy bills this summer.

Increases the Life of Your Shingles

Gloeocapsa Magma, algae, and other undesirable bacteria growing on your roof can affect the lifespan of your shingles. At Poseidon Power Washing, we understand that your roof is a big investment and that you want it to last as long as possible. That’s why we offer our roof cleaning services. Having your roof washed routinely to keep away the Gloeocapsa Magma can help you to enjoy a longer period of time between roof repairs and replacements.


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At Poseidon Power Washing, we utilize soft washing techniques to provide your roof with an unbeatable, long-lasting clean. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of roof cleaning, how soft washing works, or are ready for your free estimate, reach out to our team today.

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