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 Hillsboro-Air Conditioning- There’s nothing quite as depressing as turning on your air conditioner to find that it isn’t working.  However there are often plenty of warning signs that your air conditioner needs a little TLC before it actually breaks on you.  You just need to make sure that you are ready to listen for them. And be ready to act on them when they do! Get your Maintenance with us today and prevent future problems.

What are the top signs your air conditioner needs maintenance?

            Here are some of the most common, and easy to spot signs that your air conditioner unit is going to need a diagnosis by a professional.  The more that you spot the faster you need to call in your professional.  If you notice any one of these then call someone in to have a look at your unit.

  1. Your unit is noisy: The sounds tend to differ depending on the person and their unit.  It could be grinding noise or a high pitched screeching. If something just doesn’t sound right to you… Then please consider bringing in the professionals to see what exactly is the cause of the noise!

  1. You notice that home has “hot” and “cold” spots: Some spots are icy cold and others are lukewarm even with the unit running.  This is a sign that it’s not delivering the air properly and it needs diagnosis.

  1. There’s a smell to your unit and its air: This is often the first thing that people notice when it comes to spotting any issues with the air conditioner itself!  The air just smells bad as it comes out into your home, and that makes your home’s air itself smell, well, bad.

  1. Your unit is turning on and off randomly: A struggling air conditioner is going to be on and off all the time without really delivering the cold air to you.  If it sounds like it’s struggling and cycling a lot more than it should be then this is a sign that it needs some attention.

  1. Your energy bill is going up for no understandable reason: This is a hard one to spot sometimes. But a great one to look for!  Some homeowners almost never touch their thermostat but their bill is creeping and jumping up. This could be a sign that you are dealing with a unit that is working harder than it should be and over-amping.

Repairs are better than the alternative

            No one wants to shell out the money to pay for a repair for your air conditioner. However it certainly is going to be better than simply not having it work. Most fixes and maintenance are cost-effective so that will help you save a bit of cash.  A properly working air condition is going to be more efficient and actually be worth the money you gave for it.

At the end of the day it’s all about making sure that your unit is working at its best. Get in touch if you notice any of these problems bothering your unit.

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