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When you’re running a business, you want to make the best impression possible on your customers and staff. Part of making sure you’re putting your best foot forward is keeping your building clean and presentable! With Poseidon, you can be sure that your building will look beautiful and ready for business without worrying about potential damage from pressure washing machines. Here are four of the most common commercial buildings we love to clean! 

Keep your church building clean and preserved with soft washing services


Nothing is better than walking into church on Sunday with your friends and family and seeing a beautifully clean building! With our professional soft washing services, we can work around your busy schedule of worship to ensure that everyone feels welcomed, comfortable and ready to worship with the whole community! No matter if your church is in an ornate, historic building or a newer build, our soft washing technique will ensure that the details on windows, walls, and even doors are preserved and gently washed during the cleaning process. 

Healthcare Centers

A dirty exterior on a healthcare center is rarely a welcoming sight for patients. Instead, Poseidon Power Washing is here to help you instill confidence in your patients and make sure that your building looks great! Our soft washing services are perfect for health centers because we can work around your appointments and schedule for the best times of the day for maintenance. We can also make sure that everything is clean and sanitized so you’re not just maximizing your building’s appearance, but also keeping it clean and safe for longer!

Get your healthcare center soft washed with Poseidon for a welcoming edifice. Make sure your hotel is welcoming with a soft-washed exterior.


Hotels and motels are the ‘home base’ for tourists, visitors, and travelers in our area, so at Poseidon Power Washing, we’re committed to providing the best services to ensure that your building is welcoming, clean, and ready for guests! Our expert team of soft washing technicians is ready to make sure that your building is cleaned without damage, get rid of any mildew or stains, and ensure that your landscaping, walkways, and more stay looking clear and beautiful!

Multi-Family Homes & HOAS

Coming home to a dirty apartment building or multi-family home can be discouraging for many tenants and homeowners. Instead, help them feel happy at home with soft washing services designed to keep your buildings clean without any potential pressure washing damage. When you’re managing buildings for tenants or homeowners, you want to be sure that you’re meeting the needs of everyone without causing any damage and or unnecessary inconveniences, and Poseidon is here to help! Our team will work with you to clean off your buildings and even walkways and driveways to ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable on your properties! 


When you’ve got a commercial building that you need to look great and feel welcoming, look no further than Poseidon Power Washing! We’re here to help with thorough cleaning services that are designed to prevent costly damage and to create beautiful, sanitary, spaces for your customers, tenants, staff, and more. Learn more about our services and get started by contacting us today!

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