Professional Rust Removal

What Causes Rust Stains?

Rust stains. No matter where they are located on your property, they are conspicuous. The bright orange and deep brown colors pop off of hardscapes and instantly draw the eye to them. The problem is that wherever metal and moisture come together, rust stains become a reality. Notoriously difficult to remove, once rust stains appear, your curb appeal (and by extension, the value of your home) can be greatly affected. That is until you call the professional rust removal team at Poseidon Power Washing. We deliver an industry-leading rust removal solution that eradicates rust stains and restores your curb appeal instantly!

It’s important to know that not all orange or brownish-red stains actually come from the oxidation of metal. Battery acid and fertilizer produce similarly colored stains that are just as tough to remove. These stains can show up on your sidewalks, patios, and even the siding of your home! Since the buildup embeds itself into your hardscapes and surfaces, traditional pressure washing techniques have no effect on them — a specialized approach is required.

F9 BARC — Rust Stains Worst Enemy

Poseidon Power Washing is proud to be an authorized F9 applicator. What is F9 BARC? Simply put, it is the world’s best remover of concrete rust stains, fertilizer stainsirrigation stains, and orange acid burn stains. With this specialized tool at our disposal, the professional rust stain removal teams at Poseidon Power Washing can completely rid your property of rust, fertilizer, and battery acid stains. This innovative cleaning solution doesn’t contain the corrosive acids that most rust removal solutions contain, but it does deliver the best results on the market, period. As an authorized applicator, we are equipped to deliver the quality that you expect from an F9 BARC rust removal service — and the results that follow. With F9 BARC, our rust removal solution is:
F9 Authorized Applicator

Completely safe for your home's surfaces

Free of dangerous chemicals

100% effective at removing rust stains

Your Complete Rust Removal Solution

The health and safety of your property are too precious to leave to chance. With industry-leading cleaning technology, our professional rust stain removal team can safely remove rust stains from a variety of surfaces around your home here in Tyler, TX, such as concrete, brick, stone, pavers, and other hardscapes. So if you see orange or brown eyesores on your property, don’t live with them! Call the rust stain removal experts at Poseidon Power Washing and let our team restore your curb appeal fast!