When assessing the curb appeal, quality, and overall value of a home we often start right at the top. As one of, if not the largest surface on your home, your roof exerts a great influence on the overall aesthetic of your home. However thanks to the moist, warm climate here in Tyler, TX your roof can become a magnet for mildew, algae, and a particularly nasty type of bacteria. When present these contaminants form black streaks and patches that not only look bad but also when left unchecked, can seriously derail the lifespan of your roof. That is where the roof cleaning specialists at Poseidon Power Washing can help! As Tyler’s leader in soft wash roof cleaning, we have the experience, tools, and technique to make your roof the highlight of your home!

Why Blacks Streaks Appear On Your Roof

Black streaks are a common sight on roofs throughout the Greater Tyler, TX area. More than just eyesores, these black streaks represent an invasion that has already begun. The black streaks on your roof are caused by a type of bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. This type of bacteria thrives in moist environments rich with its favorite foods, such as limestone – a common filler in asphalt shingles. So your roof is the perfect environment for these bacteria. As they literally eat away at your shingles they multiply and eventually you begin to see them in the form of black streaks and patches on your roof. When black streaks appear Poseidon Power Washing is ready to fight back for you. Our soft wash roof cleaning service is 100% effective at eradicating these bacteria and protecting the lifespan of your roof.

Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Technique

Our roof cleaning service is all about impact. It is tough on algae, mildew, and bacteria while having no negative impact on the integrity of your shingles. By using our specially formulated, environmentally friendly cleaners to do the “heavy lifting”, our roof cleaning technicians carefully rinse your roof using the same amount of water pressure that you get from your garden hose. Poseidon Power Washing uses this technique for a number of reasons including:

Tyler’s Roof Cleaning Experts

Poseidon Power Washing has been privileged to help homeowners all over the Greater Tyler, TX area protect their curb appeal and their wallet by delivering the best soft wash roof cleaning service around! Our experienced technicians use environmentally friendly cleaners and state of the art equipment to deliver amazing results every time! Your roof is one of the most essential ingredients of your home. With Poseidon Power Washing, it will always be curb appeal friendly.

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