Have you noticed black streaks on your roof? If so, it’s important to schedule roof cleaning service sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, black streaks don’t simply make your roof less attractive. They’re actually signs that you’re dealing with a Gloeocapsa magma problem.

This article will explain why that’s an issue you can’t ignore. Luckily, by scheduling roof cleaning service with Poseidon Power Washing, serving the Lindale, TX area, you can prevent this minor issue from becoming a major problem.

Roof Cleaning Experts Explain What Those Black Streaks Are

Again, curb appeal isn’t the only aspect of your home that suffers when you have black streaks on your roof. Gloeocapsa magma, sometimes known as roof algae, is actually an organism that can develop in shingles. Sometimes this is due to high humidity, which can create the ideal conditions for bacteria spores to develop and thrive. On top of that, however, is the simple fact that many of today’s shingles are made with limestone filler. In general, roof shingles do their job well, but this limestone filler has been known to retain bacteria. This is another reason black streaks can develop and spread.

Gloeocapsa Magma is the kind of problem that leads to other problems. If it isn’t cleaned away in time, it can begin to attract other organisms, such as lichen. These organisms often share a common trait: eating away at your shingles. Of course, the longer you wait to remove them, the more difficult it is to do so. You also can’t undo the damage they’ve already caused.

The potential consequences of ignoring those black streaks are often dire. Obviously, if it eats away at your shingles, your home will be vulnerable to the elements. A simple leak can lead to major water damage. It might also create moist environments that are ideal for organic growths on the inside of your home. In other words, failure to schedule roof cleaning service can leave you stuck with high water damage repair among other bills.

It’s also worth mentioning that when shingles break down, your roof can no longer insulate your home properly. That means you’ll need to run your HVAC or heating equipment very frequently in order to stay comfortable. This doesn’t simply result in high utility bills. Putting your equipment through that kind of wear and tear will shorten its lifespan. Thus, you may need to replace it earlier than you otherwise would have.

Of course, if your roofing starts to break down as a result of the buildup of black streaks, you’ll need to replace it earlier than expected as well.

The main point to understand is that those black streaks aren’t just unsightly. If you don’t clean have them professionally cleaned away, they has the potential to be a very expensive problem.

Why Soft Wash Roof Cleaning is Essential

Some people who understand the importance of cleaning away black streaks and the bacteria that cause them still fail to schedule roof cleaning service with the professionals. That’s because they believe they can do the job on their own with a power washer or similar piece of equipment.

Don’t make this mistake! Shingles simply aren’t built to withstand that kind of pressure. In your efforts to clean your roof, you’ll likely cause more damage.

That’s not something you have to worry about when you schedule roof cleaning service with Poseidon Power Washing, serving the Lindale, TX area. We use a soft wash method that serves to thoroughly clean your roofing without doing any harm. By applying a gentle stream of water mixed with eco-friendly detergents, our method removes Gloeocpsa Magma and other contaminants, while leaving your shingles intact. That’s why, when you notice those tell-tale black streaks on your roof, you should get in touch with us. Start now by calling 903-284-8751.

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