When cleaning the outside of your property, it’s important to keep in mind that different cleaning methods are better for different surfaces. Sometimes pressure washing is the ideal solution. In other instances, soft washing is the best method for your goals.

That’s why it’s important to hire professionals for these tasks. You don’t want to cause unexpected damage to your property because you chose the wrong method for cleaning a specific area.

Luckily, this isn’t something you need to worry about when you hire Poseidon Power Washing, serving the Tyler, TX area. Our experts thoroughly understand the key distinctions between pressure and soft washing. When cleaning your property’s exterior, they’ll be sure to choose the right method.

That said, you may still have some questions about the difference between these two services. We’d be happy to answer them. In the meantime, the following points will help you better understand the issue.

Pressure Washing

As the name implies, pressure washing involves cleaning a surface by applying high-pressure water. This helps to easily remove various materials without the need to use excessive chemicals.

It’s an ideal option for cleaning hardscapes, such as driveways, parking lots, and other areas of that nature on your property. That’s partially because the materials that accumulate on these surfaces tend to become compacted into the knooks and crannies of the surface relatively quickly. They require the application of high-pressure water to be loosened free. Fortunately, these surfaces are also durable enough to withstand significant pressure.

It’s worth noting that there are also some siding materials that are durable enough to withstand pressure washing. However, this is more likely to be the case at a commercial property than at a home.

But this highlights the importance of allowing experts to handle these types of exterior cleaning tasks. You need to leave your property in the hands of experienced technicians who can assess the quality of all surfaces to determine the best method for cleaning them. Use the wrong method, and you may cause damage. At the very least, you won’t succeed in cleaning your property as thoroughly as you otherwise could have.

Soft Washing

You can probably guess how soft washing differs from pressure washing. Instead of directing a stream of high-pressure water at a surface, it typically involves the application of much gentler pressure.

That’s not to say it can’t deliver results. On the contrary, our soft washing method involves combining special environmentally friendly detergents with water at low pressure to thoroughly remove any contaminants.

This is an ideal method for surfaces that aren’t durable enough for pressure washing. These will likely include residential roofing and siding.

Don’t overlook the potential consequences of pressure washing a surface when soft washing would be more appropriate. Obviously, too much pressure can and will damage your roofing and siding materials. These will be costly to replace. Perhaps more importantly, that damage can allow substantial amounts of water to leak into your home. This results in moist environments. Unfortunately, moist environments are exactly the type of environments in which organic material thrives.

This is a problem you want to avoid. The presence of these organics in your home will make it very uncomfortable to live in. Additionally, it could pose a health risk. While removing it will be costly, it will also be necessary. This is an expense you can easily avoid by making sure your property isn’t damaged by excessive pressure.

It’s also something you don’t have to worry about when you hire Poseidon Power Washing, in Tyler, TX, whenever you need pressure or soft washing service. We know how to evaluate every surface we clean, choosing the proper method to deliver unbeatable results. Over the years we’ve cultivated a reputation throughout the area for being genuine pressure and soft washing experts. To learn more about scheduling service, call us today at 903-284-8751.

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