With summer in full swing here in Tyler, TX there are plenty of things to look forward to. No matter what your home maintenance plans are this summer, whether you’re looking to set the gold standard in curb-appeal for your neighborhood or considering putting your home on the market, roof cleaning is an essential first step for all and at Poseidon Power Washing, our soft wash roof cleaning service is designed to be as convenient as it is effective.

Have Black Streaks Moved Onto Your Roof?

Most issues with the appearance and quality of your roof aren’t due to mineral runoff or simple dirt. The culprit is a type of bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. Colonies of these bacteria show up as telltale black streaks and patches on your roof, which continue to grow until your entire roof is completely covered. Not only does this destroy the curb appeal of your home but the bacteria are actually destroying your shingles! Their feeding on the limestone fillers used in modern shingles leaves tiny holes and brittle shingles. The effects of allowing these bacteria to remain on your roof can be devastating to your wallet, as many homeowners have had to deal with premature roof replacement. The effects of these bacteria are evident not only in the appearance of your shingles but also your energy bills. A roof covered with these bacteria absorbs heat, resulting in higher than normal cooling costs during the summer!

Roof Cleaning Extends The Life Of Your Roof

Your roof represents a significant investment so it’s important that you maintain its quality and appearance for as long as possible. As Tyler’s leader in soft wash roof cleaning, Poseidon Power Washing removes 100% of the dirt, debris, moss, lichens and other contaminants from your roof without using high pressure. High pressure will damage your shingles and void your roof warranty. Never let anyone use high pressure cleaning techniques on your roof! Our approach pairs carefully formulated, environmentally friendly cleansers with a low pressure water rinse to safely restore the quality of each and every shingle on your roof! When we have treated your roof you can expect:

Maximum Shingle Life

Studies show that roofs that are regularly maintained last around a decade longer than those that are not.

Sparkling Curb Appeal

When your roof looks great your home looks great, maximizing pride in ownership and property value!

An Efficient Roof

Keep those cooling bills under control when the temperate soars by having a roof that is free to do its job!

Your Tyler TX Roof Cleaning Experts

At Poseidon Power Washing, we are privileged to be able to help so many homeowners in and around Tyler, TX preserve and extend the life of their roof with our soft wash roof cleaning service. Using our eco-friendly cleaners we can remove 100% of the dirt and bacteria on your roof without the use of high pressure! Not only will black stains and streaks be a thing of the past but the bright vibrant appearance and smooth functioning of your roof will be restored once again!

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